Three needs that the Philadelphia 76ers have moving forward

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Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers, Shake Milton (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia 76ers are 10 games into the season and there’s some good/bad thingsthat can be taken away from this team. The good is pretty obvious, Tyrese Maxey is an emerging star, Matisse Thybulle is an elite defender, overall they have good depth, and despite Joel Embiid missing about half the games this season, the Sixers still have around a .500 record.

However, there are some major holes that the 76ers still need to address, outside of Ben Simmons sitting out up to this point. If they do fix these other issues, then they could be a legit contender.

3 needs that the Sixers have moving forward: Backup point guard

The point guard position was arguably the biggest question entering this season with Simmons sitting out and demanding a trade. There were real questions surrounding if Maxey and Shake Milton could handle the playmaking duties of the roster.

Thus far it’s been a mixed bag of results. Maxey has shown he can be a legit number two scoring option. Milton has been a solid scoring punch off the bench as well. However, neither player, but especially Milton, has struggled to run an offense at a high level.

Both are score first point guards, but Milton in particular would benefit if the team added a playmaker at the lead guard position. Milton could then focus on just scoring versus the duties of a point guard.

Having another legit point guard would also help if health continues to plague Milton. The team’s third string point guard is Furkan Korkmaz. Don’t get me wrong, “point Korkmaz” is fun at times, but it’s unsustainable. Getting a third point guard would certainly the offense moving forward.

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