Are the Sixers fixed or fleeced after James Harden trade?

James Harden, Sixers (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)
James Harden, Sixers (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) /

Following the trade heard around the world, there were a lot of mixed feelings. One side was ready to throw a parade instantly, the other side still skeptical. Both sides, however, have very educated opinions. Following a 30-point blowout in Minnesota, the Sixers and their fans feel like the team is finally ready to complete the process. There’s no question they have finally built “Championship Spacing” with the addition of James Harden.

After just two games James Harden is doing things that haven’t been done since Allen Iverson. Harden was the first sixer since 2006 to have 15 points and 10 assists at halftime. This occurred during a win over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. Tobias Harris struggling in both wins is nothing new. But when his number was called, he delivered a big-time 3 in New York to secure victory. The 76ers can finally afford his poor play thanks to not only Harden, but Tyrese Maxey.

The Kentucky product has been nothing short of spectacular. Wearing out opposing teams with his unlimited stamina and endurance. Maxey, along with the entire roster has adjusted well to Harden’s arrival. Playing with more effort and playing more team basketball than ever before.

Doris Burke even took her shot at Ben Simmons in the beginning of the broadcast. Calling James Harden “the first real point guard Joel has gotten to play with”. It’s hard to argue, but what I do know is SOMEBODY indeed got fleeced. James Harden forced his way out of Brooklyn. The narrative was James would be washed and not take winning seriously. Evidently, that’s not the case.

Are the Sixers fixed or fleeced after trading Ben Simmons for James Harden?

So is this a fair trade? Or a fleece? The Brooklyn Nets on paper have the best roster in the NBA, maybe a close second behind Golden State. But the Sixers traded a guy who wouldn’t play for them, for a MVP to pair next to their own. So how is that a fleece people wonder? Well the deal itself isn’t, it’s the fact that Ben Simmons fleeced the 76ers by not playing, and in the end he got what he wanted: he went to a destination where he can thrive.

When he played for the Sixers in the playoffs he was god awful, there is no denying that. Part of this was lack of aggressiveness but the other part was the roster put around him. The best player on the team crowded his bread and butter painted area. He also isn’t a closer which the Sixers needed him to be at times and he couldn’t answer the bell.

It looks like Brooklyn may not even make the playoffs this year, with Kevin Durant’s injury, Kyrie Irving only allowed to play road games, and Ben Simmons still yet to return (citing vague back soreness), The 76ers have a legit shot at a title and could be a favorite to come out of the east.

So how is this a fleece?

Daryl Morey did his job, but Ben Simmons fleeced the 76ers. Both statements can be true. The future looks very bright for Brooklyn, because even if Ben stays what he always was, he will provide them rebounding, defense, and transition success. Especially now that all eyes will be on him during his return, his effort/heart HAS to be there or he will be boo’d out of the NBA. I believe we threw him into one of the two (Golden State) destinations where Ben can actually succeed. That is of course if he plays.

The Sixers have to win now! Brooklyn has dealt with so much this year, missing the playoffs might be the cherry on top. But we all know for years to come they are going to be scary. Dodging them this year puts us in the best position to win an NBA championship.

I believe sixers fans are still in shock from 2018. This trade gives the team the same pressure of going all in and “winning now” because who knows what the future holds. As excited as we all should be there are still some holes to this roster. Furkan Korkamz playing minutes doesn’t help anybody. Tobias’ poor play needs to come to an end. Both guys will be big reasons why we do or don’t achieve success.

Could we have fleeced Brooklyn? Absolutely. Could they have fleeced us? We shall see. They have had a rough season and I believe are thinking about their future. Whereas the Sixers are worried about this season, right now, because Embiid has been that special. In the next four years we will find our answer. As of now it was a fair deal for both teams. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

But just know it may be now or never. I believe this has to be the year. The stars are aligning and so are the free throws. CLAP YA HANDS!

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