Tyrese Maxey continues to show why he is the Sixers third option

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(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Sixers are looking for a dependable third option in their developing offense. Have Tyrese Maxey’s recent performances earned him a more prominent role on the team?

When James Harden’s arrived in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia 76ers fans welcomed him with open arms. Any reminder of the Ben Simmons saga was replaced with anticipation of what was to come.

For the first time since the days of Allen Iverson, the 76ers possessed a guard who could score at will. Thoughts of the combination of Joel Embiid and Harden sent chills to their opponents in the association. As Harden’s debut crept closer and closer, questions of Philadelphia’s third option began to surface. If Philly is looking for a dependable difference-maker, Tyrese Maxey is the guy.

Sixers are developing a young star

76ers’ head coach Doc Rivers sees the potential that Tyrese Maxey possesses. When Tyrese is on the court, his coach ensures that he pushes his young player to his limit. Rivers had this to say, per Ky Carlin of SixersWire.

"“He’s a fearless kid. He’s playing great, he’s getting great shots, and he’s been great for us.”"

Motivation and support have come from other parts of the Sixers locker room. His teammates deepened on him to make plays as well. Both Embiid and James Harden understand Maxey’s success is vital for the team to succeed.

Philadelphia’s winning streak reflects Maxey’s impact on the team. Since the addition of James Harden, the 76ers’ second-year guard has made the most of his possessions. According to ESPN.com, the former Kentucky Wildcat has shot over 73.9 percent from the 3-point line during the last four games.

Consecutive twenty-point performances led to Maxey’s 33 point outbreak against the Cavaliers. While Cleveland’s defense focused on Embiid and Harden’s offensive abilities, Maxey continued to reel in clutch buckets.

Tyrese Maxey is the best third option on the roster

Efficient scoring is something that Tyrese Maxey offers over other teammates. If the Sixers ever need a spare bucket in the clutch, who can Rivers turn to? Tobias Harris has failed to step up and accept the responsibility of being the teams’ third option. His inconsistent performances will not get the job done.

According to ESPN.com, Harris has averaged thirty-four minutes per game on the hardwood in the last ten games. His fifteen points per game are four points shy of beatings Maxey’s latest efforts.

Depending on Tyrese Maxey as a third scoring option is a good move for the Sixers organization. As the regular season begins to wind down, the Sixers will need to secure wins to continue their projected post-season route. If Philadelphia gives Tyrese Maxey a chance to show his skills, they will not be disappointed.

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