Sixers Draft: 3 small forward prospects to consider with 23rd pick

Jalen Williams, Sixers Draft (Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images)
Jalen Williams, Sixers Draft (Photo by Loren Orr/Getty Images) /
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Nikola Jovic, Mega Mozzart

The Sixers should target Nikola Jovic, if only to hear the player named Nikola Jovic talk about how great Joel Embiid is next time the MVP award is up for grabs. The 6-foot-10 Serbian is phonetically tied to Denver’s star center, but do not be fooled. Jovic is a completely different player (at a completely different position) than Jokic.

It’s not hard to see the appeal with Jovic — he’s a guard in a forward’s body. He’s a legitimate floor general, with excellent poise operating out of the pick-and-roll and impressive court vision. His size allows him to see over the top of the defense and find unique passing angles. He’s at his best in transition.

Philadelphia has plenty of offensive hubs. Embiid and Harden are both high-usage stars, while Tyrese Maxey will gradually start to command more possessions too. Even so, there’s never too much playmaking on the floor at a given moment. Jovic is unselfish and quite adept off the ball. He makes quick decisions and he’s willing to screen and cut when he’s not running the show.

The big concern for Jovic is defense. He’s not the strongest or most athletic player at his position, nor does he show consistent effort. That could change in the NBA — he’s still big and mobile enough to improve — but the Sixers need defense in the second unit. Jovic doesn’t really provide that. He’s also pretty inconsistent with the jumper, which is something he would have to improve to maximize his role in Philly’s star-heavy offense.