Sixers podcast: Worst trades in 76ers history, potential trades

Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers, Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Sixer Sense Podcast brings you topics on the forefront of NBA conversation related to the exciting trade season that has already kicked off and the impact it will have on the Sixers. We also revisit Sixers trades that will go down as the worst in history, along with some trades that almost happened involving some big-name players.

The Sixer Sense Episode 196

We start things off with the Keith Pompey report, per The Inquirer (subscription needed) that stated specific Sixers players who are being shopped around. The podcast brings up players like Tobias Harris, Matisse Thybulle, Danny Green, and Shake Milton. We offer the likeliness, based on percentage, that these players will be on the move this summer.

The conversation then pivots to factors associated with Sixers players being placed in a box. We analyze each player on the roster and identify why critics put them in a box that defines their imperfect games. Who is placed in the “inconsistency” box? Which player is placed in the “nonclutch” box? Listen to find out.

We then dive into a discussion on the worst trades in Sixers history. From the 1986 first overall pick trade with Cleveland to the Phoenix trade for Charles Barkley, we cover some baffling exchanges that set the franchise back.

The podcast also brings up several trades that almost happened but didn’t. From the infamous Allen Iverson potential deal with Detroit in 2000 to the obscure Lakers deal that almost sent Charles Barkley to team up with Magic Johnson, we discuss others that were on the verge of execution.

The last subject relates to the astounding story where a fan pretended to be Klay Thompson and illegally entered the Golden State Warriors’ facility. Lucas Johnson and Uriah Young discuss NBA players they resemble enough to fool an NBA team the way Fake Klay Thompson did recently.

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