Ranking the top 30 centers in the NBA

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Richaun Holmes (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
Richaun Holmes (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Bobby Portis Sr.. 24. player. 89. . C. Milwaukee Bucks

Top 30 NBA centers — 24. Bobby Portis Sr., Bucks

Bobby Portis Sr. is beloved in Milwaukee, and for good reason. He’s a lovable psycho, competing with a rabid energy on the defensive end that translates to the offensive end, where he is unabashedly cocky. Portis impacts the game by sheer force of will. You can tell he wants to win, and you can tell he knows he’s good enough to win. His dynamic 3-point shooting really bolsters the Milwaukee second unit.

77. . C. Los Angeles Clippers. Ivica Zubac. 23. player

Top 30 NBA centers — 23. Ivica Zubac, Clippers

Ivica Zubac has been a model of consistency since landing with the Clippers. He’s not flashy, his numbers don’t jump off the page, but he’s impactful night in and night out. A great drop coverage defender and prolific rebounder, Zubac is the anchor around which LA’s elite perimeter defense revolves. On offense, he sets monster screens and makes the easy ones inside.

22. player. 84. . C. Sacramento Kings. Richaun Holmes

Top 30 NBA centers — 22. Richaun Holmes, Kings

Richaun Holmes got shafted after the Domantas Sabonis trade and it will be fascinating to see how his role evolves next season if he’s still in Sacramento. He’s skilled enough offensively to co-exist with Sabonis, but the defense is another story. Holmes is by far the better defender though, and his combination of lob finishing and rim protection should entice several teams on the trade market.