Philadelphia 76ers: James Harden and Kevin Durant bury the hatchet?

Kevin Durant, James Harden (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Kevin Durant, James Harden (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /

When the Philadelphia 76ers traded Ben Simmons to the Brooklyn Nets, it wasn’t only the end of a partnership in Philly between Simmons and Joel Embiid. The partnership between James Harden and Kevin Durant also ended in Brooklyn.

The animosity from Durant to Harden was plain to see. After the trade, Durant purposely didn’t pick Harden in the NBA All-Star team selection and had the following quote regarding the trade.

"“happy we got guys who want to be part of this”"

It felt like it would take time for the two former teammates to make amends. However, it seems like that burying the hatchet has already begun.

Philadelphia 76ers’ All-Star Harden buries the hatchet with Durant.

At the most recent Travis Scott concert, there were two separate videos in which Harden and Durant are seen interacting. The first one was during the concert, where Durant comes up to Harden and both begin to “rock out” to the music.

The other is after the concert and it’s just better to see that one.

It’s good to see the two All-Stars celebrating with Scott. However, it shows that there’s no bad blood between the two former teammates. This is good for them personally, but more importantly, it’s good from the Sixers perspective as well.

It’s one of the biggest stories of the offseason that Kevin Durant has requested a trade. With that in mind, if the relationship is good between him and Harden, it might help the 76ers in potential trade talks for the elite scorer. Especially if Durant tells the Nets’ front office that he only wants to play for Philly.

It’s great to see two former teammate appear bury the hatchet and it could potentially help the Philadelphia 76ers in future trade talks for Durant.

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