Philadelphia 76ers: Ranking Joel Embiid’s backups up to 2022

Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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DeAndre Jordan (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
DeAndre Jordan (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

20. Shawn Long

It’s easy to forget Shawn Long was a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. He played just 18 games during the 2016-17 season. The Sixers were his only stop in his NBA career, but when he did play his stats weren’t bad, but his ability to play at the NBA level just wasn’t there.

19. Tiago Splitter

Like others on this list, Tiago Splitter only played a small portion of games with the 76ers. Unlike the others on this list up to this point, Splitter actually retired as a member of Philadelphia. He struggled as a member of the Sixers and was on the downward end of his career by the time he arrived.

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18. Paul Millsap

Like Splitter, Paul Millsap was also at the tail end of his career when he was sent to Philly as a part of the James Harden trade. Not only is Millsap undersized for the center spot, but he was also way past his prime when he arrived at the 76ers. It’s a shame that is appears that the former All-Star has ended his career by riding the bench in Philly.

17. DeAndre Jordan

Speaking of former All-Star, let’s not forget about DeAndre Jordan. Despite his many struggles with the Sixers this past season, the defensive big man still received a contract from the Denver Nuggets this offseason. He’s past his prime and it showed with the Sixers so him being on another team is surprising.