Sixers podcast: National TV spotlight and NBA 2K ratings

Tyrese Maxey, Sixers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Tyrese Maxey, Sixers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

On this podcast episode, we discuss the recently released schedule that has the Sixers playing on national television a number of times. We explore the early team rankings and NBA2K player ratings. We also debate the value of one of the Sixers veterans who was ranked below some questionable players with similar games. We kick things off with the opening games of the season.

As each fanbase circles game dates on their calendar, if you’re a Sixers fan, you’re circling more than most for nationally televised games. We start a discussion on what the elevated number of high profile games means and if the Sixers’ fanbase should get their hopes up for a promising season.

We then pivot to who we think are the top three teams in the Eastern Conference. We address last season’s top teams before offering our input on who will secure the top spots in the east. Who thinks the Milwaukee Bucks are the favorite over Boston? Where did we predict the Sixers will end up?

The discussion then branches off into the overall NBA rankings, from worst to best. There are some surprises on this list, especially where the Sixers are ranked compared to some other debatable teams whose roster isn’t as deep.

The podcast turns to a topic not on the agenda. Christopher Kline published a top power forward list a few weeks ago, and Tobias Harris was ranked in the mid-teens. An argument is made that Harris is better than several power forwards who were ranked higher.

The conversation goes into NBA2K ratings, particularly when it comes to the Sixers players. Although Joel Embiid is obviously rated the highest, one player is surprisingly rated at the bottom. Where does Tyrese Maxey land in the ratings? Who on the podcast thinks James Harden maybe should not have been rated above 90?

We finish off our episode with talk about a brutal final stretch of games for the Sixers. In the last 12 games of 2023, Philly plays all playoff-potential opponents. The podcast brings up whether or not there could be concern for that range of difficult games.

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