Sixers: Furkan Korkmaz positioned for bounce back season

Furkan Korkmaz, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Furkan Korkmaz, Sixers Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Furkan Korkmaz has been with the Philadelphia 76ers for a decent time now. Korkmaz is entering his fifth NBA season with a mixed bag of results in the rearview mirror of his career. The object that may be closer to appearing in his or fan’s minds is his disappointing 2021-22 campaign. Despite that fact, Furkan Korkmaz is in the position to bounce back this season to become a potentially helpful contributing role player.

Let’s start with why he is in this underdog type position in the first place. Overall, Korkmaz shot 38 percent from the field, 29 percent from behind the arc, and 50.2 true shooting percentage in 67 games played while averaging 21 minutes per game. Objectively, this did not and would not get the job done. Especially on a team with options.

The microscope intensified a little after Korkmaz revealed at Sixers’ Media Day that he was dealing with slight nerve damage in his shooting hand after the All-Star Break. The injury certainly played a part when looking at his splits. Korkmaz’s shooting numbers pre-All-Star break were 39.6 percent from the field, 29.8 from three-point land, 83.3 from the free throw line, and an overall 51.2 true shooting percentage. Then his post-All-Star break numbers were worse as he shot 32.8 on all field goals, 23.7 on his three-pointers, 66.7 on free throws, and an overall 43.5 true shooting percentage.

Can Furkan Korkmaz bounce back for the Sixers in 2022-23?

Those numbers compounded with Korkmaz’s inconsistent career as a Sixer may have people writing him off. Korkmaz is primed to embrace this underdog role because he is only 25 years old, he has shown that he’s a capable shooter (shot over 37 percent from 3 the previous two seasons before ‘21-’22) and he has irrational confidence. Last season could’ve been Korkmaz’s rock bottom. Thus leaving him with a lot to prove to himself, teammates, coaches, and fans.

Korkmaz’s skill set is still there. Think Georges Niang but slimmer and a tad quicker. Furkan Korkmaz has flashed his quick, high, smooth shooting stroke in previous years when given the opportunity. A big shooter in the NBA is highly valued for today’s game and could be utilized to assist the Sixers’ star offensive players. Korkmaz can spot up for Joel Embiid, James Harden, or Tyrese Maxey kick outs or he can shoot off of movement thanks to his shooting form.

An underrated factor of Korkmaz is his demeanor on the court. It is visual when Korkmaz shoots that he is a confident player. Korkmaz possesses the type of irrational confidence needed for a shooter that is battling for a spot in the rotation. The type of guy that will just keep trying to make the plays that his game generates.

Furkan Korkmaz has a tough road ahead to break into the rotation due to the improvements the Philadelphia 76ers made in the off-season. The competition, his health being 100 percent, and his ability has him in a position to bounce back. The unfolding escapades of training camp, preseason, and the first few months of the season shall reveal if Korkmaz’s bounce back will come to fruition.

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