Sixers podcast: Doc Rivers on the hot seat?

In the midst of tremendous success by the World Series-bound Phillies and undefeated Eagles, the Sixers are struggling to win their first game. The podcast brings plenty of opinions about how and why the 76ers have sputtered out of the gate to start the season, but first we analyze the recent two losses.

On Saturday, the Sixers hosted their first home game of the season against the San Antonio Spurs. Considered one of the worst teams in the league after trading away their only star, Dejounte Murray, the Spurs played with house money, and the Sixers were caught off guard. Lucas Johnson and Christopher Kline offer insight on the lackluster effort of the 76ers in a game they should have won.

The next topic revolves around the nationally televised game versus the Milwaukee Bucks. Despite holding Giannis Antetokounmpo under 30 points, the Sixers could not pull out a victory. We break down the sequences that swayed the game back and forth until the final few possessions.

The podcast then pivots to the the current state of the team. Lucas and Chris isolate the recent attitude and play of Joel Embiid. We explore reasons why he refused to speak to reporters after the game and his overall body language in the games he’s played in so far. We also address the report that P.J. Tucker chastised the Sixers in the locker room after the Spurs loss.

The last topic we discuss involves Doc Rivers and the job he has done so far. With such high expectations because of the moves made in the offseason, we emphasize Doc Rivers’ need to capitalize on the roster upgrades. We analyze the early play of the Sixers and debate whether or not Rivers is on the hot seat moving forward. We also discuss how likely the 76ers will make a championship run should they replace Rivers with Sam Cassell midseason.

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