Sixers: Pass or pursue on 4 proposed trades

Tobias Harris, Sixers trades Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Tobias Harris, Sixers trades Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /
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Pass or pursue Sixers trade for John Collins

From Greg Swartz of Bleacher Report 

Another trade centered around Tobias Harris. I’m starting to sense a theme. If the Sixers want to orchestrate a “big” move of any kind at the deadline, it will almost certainly have to involve Harris. His massive contract (which only lasts through the 2023-24 season) is the perfect foundation for a move involving significant salaries.

In this case, Harris gets swapped for another power forward who has been a source of frequent trade rumors: John Collins, who is currently nursing a sprained ankle. The Hawks’ big man is in the middle of his worst statistical season to date and the Hawks feel pretty desperate to make another move in pursuit of contention.

Collins’s current struggles might turn off some fans, but here is the plain and simple truth: the Sixers are yet again getting the best player in this trade. We have all seen what Collins is capable of when healthy and properly empowered. The Sixers aren’t the cleanest fit in the world, but he would provide more dynamism offensively with his cutting and vertical threat in the dunker’s spot. He would be especially useful as the “backup center” in lineups built around James Harden, who has long craved a proper above-the-rim finisher in Philadelphia.

Over the years Collins has gradually expanded his offensive repertoire. He’s much more than the athletic dunker who inhaled rebounds at Wake Forest: he can hit 3s, score off the dribble, and operate as a playmaking hub on the elbow. His defense leaves something to be desired, but any shortcomings would be well masked next to Joel Embiid.

Oh, and the Sixers also get Bogdan Bogdanovic — one of the best sixth men in the NBA and the exact type of dynamic 3-point shooter who has thrived off of Embiid in years past. Bogey can point guards reps in a pinch and he would start for a fair amount of teams. So, safe the say the Sixers are being well compensated for the overpaid Harris, misfit Thybulle, and the recently impressive (but still just a bench guard) Milton.

Final verdict: Pursue