How good are the 2023 Philadelphia 76ers compared to a season before?

P.J. Tucker, James Harden, De'Anthony Melton, Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
P.J. Tucker, James Harden, De'Anthony Melton, Philadelphia 76ers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Embiid is having MVP Season – yet again.

What can we say more about Joel Embiid? After taking home consecutive silvers in the MVP race the last two seasons, Joel Embiid has gone bonkers this season. In 2022, Embiid did all he could to push the Sixers to the finish line. He was the huge reason the Sixers made the playoffs despite many injury woes and the Simmons saga. Also, in the playoffs, playing in 10 games, he won 7, most of his own. Individually it was a great 2022 season.

Come the 2023 season, Embiid looks motivated to have a go at the title, possibly with a perfect partner in Harden still on the roster. Maintaining his rebounding and defensive efficiency, he just excelled to a 33-point average season. It is due to improved efficiency and also spacing provided by the team.

Embiid already has 22 games with 35 or more points in the season, which are 7 more than entire league centers combined. The reigning scoring champion is a monster in the league, leading the charts in scoring again this season. He played in 52 out of 65 games for the Sixers and is expected to take some time off before the playoffs securing the position in the roaster in the league.

With pumped-up superstars like Harden and Embiid, youngsters like Maxey and Reed coming to the perfect age to give a more meaningful contribution, and the addition of dependable veterans like Tucker and Melton can be seen as upgrades over the last season for the Sixers. We will also check for the negative side of the 2023 season, but will these positives be enough to win the title this season, or are there more positives to the Sixers’ 2023 season that will define their feat in the playoffs? Do let us know…