Ranking 8 coaching candidates for 76ers to finally finish ‘The Process’

Philadelphia 76ers, Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia 76ers, Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid Mandatory Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Philadelphia 76ers fired head coach Doc Rivers on Tuesday after a third consecutive second-round playoff exit. It did not come as a shock after losing two straight games to the Celtics, including a Game 7 blowout. James Harden had some less-than-favorable comments about Rivers, and it appeared that the championship head coach’s time had run out in Philadelphia.

The Sixers become the third title hopeful to oust their coach this offseason, and there is no shortage of top names on the market. Philadelphia wants to take that next step, and the job will be attractive regardless of Harden’s status. Reigning MVP Joel Embiid will be back, and Daryl Morey will do whatever it takes to put a contending team around him.

The new head coach will be a massive part of that, so who should the Sixers select to lead their team?

Ranking 8 coaching candidates for the Philadelphia 76ers vacancy

8. Sam Cassell

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported six names that would be involved in the search immediately after the firing of Rivers, and Cassell was the only one who lacked NBA head coaching experience. The 53-year-old played 15 years in the league and has been an assistant coach since 2009, so he certainly knows his way around the NBA.

Cassell spent the last three years as a Sixers assistant coach under Doc Rivers, and he was with the legendary coach for nine straight seasons dating back to their time with the Clippers. The 6’3 guard won three championships as a player and was an All-Star in 2004.

The Philadelphia 76ers know Sam Cassell well. Tyrese Maxey is a massive fan, and Cassell is credited with getting the most out of their guards. He figures to be a strong candidate if the Sixers go with a first-time head coach.