B/R mock has the 76ers trading James Harden for a spicy return

James Harden (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
James Harden (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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If there’s anything that fans can unanimously agree on, it’s that the Philadelphia 76ers have undoubtedly been one of the more underwhelming teams this offseason. From star guard James Harden trying to pull all pullable strings for an impending exit to the front office making some head-scratching moves and missing out on opportunities, the franchise hasn’t really done anything to strengthen its footing among the league’s upper echelon.

In fact, while the East continues to get stronger across the board, penciling the Sixers in as a candidate for a decline next season is certainly within the realm of possibility and not sheer pessimism. Hence, Daryl Morey and co. have to exhaust all their options and refrain from doubling down on their passive stance so far.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been losers this offseason, especially in light of the James Harden situation

Among all else, the ongoing, yet glacial-paced James Harden saga has been the defining motif of the Sixers’ offseason woes. Not only has it limited the front office’s mobility in chasing well-fitting players, but it has also cast a ton of uncertainty for the franchise next season. Alas, with the situation still resolved as of writing, fans can only expect this cloudy impasse to subsist.

However, if the rumors hold up, then fans can probably look forward to an eventful conclusion to this matter. And one notable outlet has recently pitched a mock trade idea that could intrigue the Philadelphia 76ers brass as a whole.