4 Young players for Philadelphia 76ers to develop, 3 to give up on

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Mo Bamba
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Give up on: Mo Bamba*

In what ended up being a surprising signing, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to ink Mo Bamba to a one-year deal this offseason. You’d imagine that this signing was an insurance move at the backup center position (behind Joel Embiid) but it made even less sense after it was reported that the Sixers decided to keep Paul Reed too. In essence, especially with the contract that Reed signed, Bamba is starting the season as the third-string center.

I understand the Sixers are protecting against a possible Embiid injury or even an inconsistent stretch from Reed but even understanding all that, the Sixers investing a year in Bamba doesn’t add up. Bamba has had an interesting start to his career. He’s flashed the potential to be a consistent contributor throughout his career but aside from one extremely productive season in 2021-22, Bamba has struggled to find a consistent role.

I find it hard to believe that won’t be the case in Philadelphia this season. I never understood the signing when it happened and I don’t imagine he’s going to play enough for him to earn a second contract next season.