76ers: Adam Silver sends warning amid James Harden trade ordeal

Adam Silver - Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Adam Silver - Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

There are many constants in the world. Unfortunately, not all of them are the kind you welcome at your doorstep and allow to seamless pass through like a pump of cold breeze (e.g. taxes). This offseason, the Philadelphia 76ers found themselves at the receiving end of one when James Harden decided to shock no one and requested a trade out of town.

Just like a constant, ha!

Well, for all its merits and demerits, the entire ordeal has become the lifeblood for the conventional couch fan hankering after drama. Anyway, the entire city of Philly is presumably gasping for air for an escape, but now, it appears that the NBA — no, the actual NBA — finally has something in common with the plebeian populace.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sends stern warning amid James Harden trade request from the 76ers

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has not been as relentless as his more iconic predecessor in striking his gavel, but he has, in recent years, become more grounded in addressing gaps in the association’s modus — most notably in the aspect of player movement and tampering violations.

That’s why it’s no surprising that Silver was quick to shoot down those trends infiltrating the core of the league. In a recent press conference, he bared his honest feelings about James Harden’s trade request in addition to Damian Lillard’s — another storyline which dominated the summer.

"In terms of trade demands, of course don’t like them. As a league, we want players and teams to honor their contracts. I’m watching both the situation in Portland and Philadelphia, and hope they get worked out to the satisfaction of everyone before the season starts. I’m glad that things seem to have settled down somewhat, at least in terms of public discourse."

Unfortunately, even with this statement, the influx of player movement has nevertheless struck a rampant domino of players being empowered to lord over their contracts and possibly dictate an entire franchise on how to operate.

That the 76ers have had two alike, high-profile situations of their own in a short span imputes some of the blame onto the franchise’s way, but it nevertheless reflects the need for perhaps stronger contractual safeguards. Luckily, the new CBA’s aggressive changes seem to be a step into the right direction attitude-wise.

Hopefully, the Philadelphia 76ers get an actual and favorable resolution to this exasperating James Harden saga and manage to find a way — with no concession on their side — to keep both parties happy with the NBA finally cutting its way into the equation when needed.

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