3 players the 76ers could cut after Kelly Oubre signing

Danuel House Jr. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Danuel House Jr. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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3 players the Philadelphia 76ers could cut after signing Kelly Oubre Jr.

2. Furkan Korkmaz

Not many outside of Philadelphia knows this, but Furkan Korkmaz leads all role players in the NBA in the frequency of trade requests over the last four years. Nevertheless, the Turkish guard remains on the 76ers roster as one of their designated gunners off the bench.

The jury on Korkmaz, however, may soon find a resolute conclusion. After bagging a consistent role on the team in three seasons, he quickly fell out of favor last season in Doc Rivers’ rotation, averaging just 9.5 minutes per contest and barely sniffing any court time in the postseason.

Korkmaz’s three-point shot, which betrayed him in 2021-22, returned to his normal rates last season, but it may not be enough to save him from being leapfrogged by most in the rotation. His presence from rainbow country cannot be denied, but Oubre Jr., while far from the most laser-eyed from downtown, touts more offensive variance and overall malleability on both ends.

Ultimately, barring a significant change or a mind-boggling preseason run, it’s rather safe to presume that Korkmaz would be one of the easier cuts after training camp.