76ers finally trade Harden to LA in this proposed three-team blockbuster

James Harden (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
James Harden (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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The great Ylvis once said, “Dog goes woof, Cat goes meow, Bird goes tweet, and Mouse goes squeek”. Well, let me add one more clause to that onomatopoeic madness to make it a tad more relatable for Philadelphia 76ers — or general NBA — fans in want of some 2013 pop culture refresher: “James Harden wants out”.

Now, Harden wanting out may not exactly reside along the same plane, but at this juncture, him manifesting every proverb there is in the bible of pettiness and not-so-subtle gaslighting should at least be complicit with death and taxes moving forward. No one is or will ever be immune from it.

But before we skedaddle mindlessly into another logjam of wordplays, one thing’s certain — there’s only so much drama the 76ers franchise can take. Despite the former MVP having rejoined the squad in camp, the recoil cannot be reversed, and fans of the disgruntled star should already be plotting the concoction of their next fan accounts.

The 76ers have to abate the James Harden saga before the regular season opens

Of course, Philadelphia’s brass has been trying its earnest to cater to Harden’s smokey prayer, but unfortunately, the market hasn’t been all good for him. The LA Clippers have been routinely pegged as the main team of interest in this regard, but the 76ers’ asking price has made that wheel run slower than expected.

With the regular season starting in a couple of weeks, the 76ers have to abate this ordeal once and for all to fully prepare themselves for a true bounce-back campaign. Fortunately, there is another trade framework that could work for both Philly and Harden’s camp and that is realistic enough to write home about.