5 Bargain trade targets to help the Philadelphia 76ers replace James Harden

Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony (Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports)
Orlando Magic guard Cole Anthony (Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso
Chicago Bulls guard Alex Caruso (David Yeazell-USA TODAY Sports) /

Alex Caruso, Chicago Bulls

Depending on what ends up happening with the Chicago Bulls over the first couple of months of the season, there’s a possibility that Alex Caruso will become a player who is available at the NBA Trade Deadline. If the Bulls pivot toward a rebuild or even a retooling, Caruso is one of the first players that is going to be on the trade block. While he may not be that valuable for a team stuck in mediocrity like the Bulls, he would immediately become one of the most important players on a team like the Philadelphia 76ers.

Caruso is a player who would help offensively by being a consistent 3-point shooter off Joel Embiid and a secondary playmaker while also helping protect Tyrese Maxey on the defensive end. Caruso is another player that the Sixers could use as a starter or in a reserved role. Either way, he’ll find a way to make a difference.

If the Bulls get to a point where they’re willing to listen to offers for Caruso, the Sixers should find a way to be in the mix. Especially if the asking price isn’t much more than a future first-round pick. That’s a price the Sixers should be able to meet.