Philadelphia 76ers: NBA preseason top-100 rankings 2023-24

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20. G Kyrie Irving, Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks were able to re-sign Kyrie Irving this offseason to a team-friendly deal, which should be celebrated. When focused on purely basketball, Irving is a guy who can help a team win an NBA title. The only question is how well will he be a true second star in Dallas this season. His fit with the Mavericks and personality questions keep him from being higher on this list.

19. SG Anthony Edwards, Timberwolves

Depending on how the season goes for Anthony Edwards, this spot could seem way too low. The wing is poised to be the Timberwolves’ best player. The way he does this is by improving his defense and playmaking as he already has all the other tools to become the second coming of Dwyane Wade.

18. SG Donovan Mitchell, Cavaliers

Donovan Mitchell only has one elite skill and that’s scoring the ball. In terms of pure scoring, there are very few in the NBA that do it better than the undersized shooting guard. However, is that enough to help the Cavaliers to be a serious contender this season?

17. PG Jamal Murray, Nuggets

In the past, regular season numbers from Jamal Murray aren’t the most impressive. He’s never been an All-Star, but during the playoffs, he’s one of the most dangerous players. With winning an NBA title, it seems like a prime season for the Nuggets’ point guard to finally make an All-Star appearance.

16. SG Jaylen Brown, Celtics

The Celtics made Jaylen Brown the highest-paid player in NBA history and while that title won’t last for long, it might be well deserved. He’s an elite two-way player who shows up in the playoffs more often than not. The only area of his game that has to improve is his dribbling as teams can expose him in that area.