76ers guard Patrick Beverley rips NBA star, cites lack of maturity

Philadelphia 76ers, Patrick Beverley. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia 76ers, Patrick Beverley. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

At 10-3, the Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the most successful teams early in the season, trumping all watered-down expectations for the club entering the campaign. But naturally, there will always be those who fall short of projections — and one club in particular has been treading in a path riddled with giggles of the disparaging variant.

The Washington Wizards, tied with the Detroit Pistons for the least number of wins so far with only a couple under their belt, have been a frequent sighting on social media for a myriad of sportive reasons — a major catalyst of which is their offseason acquisition, Jordan Poole, who has had a pretty disappointing kick-off to his stint in DC.

Fans have flocked to jeer at his antics, which almost come at a nightly basis, but it seems like NBA players are also starting to be alarmed at his perceived immaturity in playing basketball. Of course, 76ers vet Patrick Beverley is far from a fan of Poole and his histrionics.

76ers veteran Patrick Beverley rips Jordan Poole, Wizards for poor and immature play this season

No rational mind pegged Washington as a playoff threat this season, but given that they have yet to commit to an actual rebuild and still house proven contributors in the league, expecting them to be at least competitive was apt. That has not been the case though, and one might wonder if the team even has a direction to follow.

It’s already hard to win in the NBA with the talent level at present. It’s even harder when your nominal leader jacks up remiss three-point heaves, plays lethargic defense, and blatantly refuses to pay attention to team huddles.

Patrick Beverley, a no-nonsense guy himself, certainly did not mince words on the mess that is Jordan Poole and the collective mess that is Washington on the latest episode of the Pat Bev Pod.

"S–tshow. I mean, they lose a ton of games. S–t shouldn’t happen. I don’t give a f–k who you are. The greats, that won’t happen. It does not happen. You need good vets."

Losing because a team is too raw (like the Pistons and Spurs) is acceptable. But losing because of chronically bad habits on a basketball court (like the Wizards) is a sight for sore eyes. Poole has already won a championship and secured a hefty bag himself, and his nonchalant attitude is simply a result of his complacency. After all, he virtually has nothing to lose.

It also exacerbate things that his co-spearhead is none other than Kyle Kuzma, another player who already has a ring and a lucrative contract, and is infamous for his pizzazz far outshining his on-court production.

Fortunately, this means that the Philadelphia 76ers should not have any problems when facing the Washington Wizards. For even if they somehow flirt with an upset, you can bank on their so-called leaders to help the opposition just by playing their game.

Unless they get traded.

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