76ers predicted to eventually reunite with veteran free agent wing

Nick Nurse - Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Nick Nurse - Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

As everyone knows, the Philadelphia 76ers faced quite the roster turnover in the early stretch of the season with the James Harden trade giving the team some sort of a facelift. If you need a refresher, the franchise welcomed four new players while discarding four of their own to facilitate the well-documented deal.

At present, the 76ers have 15 players on guaranteed deals, basically giving them a full roster. Thus, the front office will have to let some players go if they tread on the expected path of them chasing after some big names via trade.

That being said, one of the most likely moves Philadelphia is expected to pull the trigger on is on a much smaller scale — but albeit also meaningful — in their quest for a championship this season.

76ers predicted to eventually reunite with a familiar free agent this season

One of the casualties of the intricate roster gymnastics to make the Harden trade work was Danny Green, who was promptly waived to make room for the 76ers’ four acquisitions from the LA Clippers. Both parties preferred otherwise, but it simply had to be done for compliance.

However, the 76ers and Green were reported to have remained amenable to an eventual reunion, and that could very well transpire later on this season.

Coming off a relatively unproductive 2022-23 season in his return from an ACL injury, Green was signed to a non-guaranteed deal by Philly. He did manage to make it past training camp, but was nevertheless not given a lot of court time.

Still, Green is a valuable depth piece who can step in as a locker room boost with his ample experience as a three-time NBA champion and also play when the team needs a hand on defense and three-point shooting.

The 76ers are off to a good start this season, but it’s still too early to feel settled. Nevertheless, should the stars align and a roster spot somehow opens up, either through trade or just the front office shedding a contract away, Green will likely be one of, if not the main beneficiary.