1 Dream, 1 reach, 1 realistic free agent for the 76ers to target

The Philadelphia 76ers will have a lot options in free agency. Who might be their dream, realistic, and “reach” targets?
76ers, Paul George, Joel Embiid
76ers, Paul George, Joel Embiid / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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A reach target for the 76ers: OG Anunoby

At surface level, OG Anunoby is everything the 76ers need: an outstanding defender who can play and guard multiple positions while functioning as a viable tertiary option. Players who can fit into any roster like Anunoby don’t come often, even in this era of the NBA where positional designations have become blurry be design.

That being said, it would take a lot of stars aligning the 76ers way for them to be able to snag him from the market and from the smothering clasps of New York. Anunoby will definitely decline his player option to enter the open market, but the Knicks, despite rumblings to the contrary, are guaranteed to do everything in their power to ensure he remains in the Big Apple.

Philadelphia may be deemed the second-in-line after New York, but the odds of Anunoby staying with the Knicks are much higher than him testing the waters with the 76ers. Again, it’s not impossible though, and one cannot blame Philly should they go all-out on the Anunoby sweepstakes give his perfect fit with the team.