3 Reasons why the 76ers should avoid LeBron James at all costs

LeBron James may be the best player available in free agency, but the Philadelphia 76ers should skip him over. Here are three reasons why.
76ers, LeBron James, Joel Embiid
76ers, LeBron James, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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The Philadelphia 76ers are an ambitious bunch, perhaps more so than any other collective in the NBA. And if a recent revelation holds true, once can confidently crown them as the most extreme big-name hunter in the league.

According to various outlets, the 76ers are considered a threat to sign LeBron James in free agency — a surprising development that probably has Daryl Morey salivating to no end. James already confirmed that he will be declining his player option to enter the open market. However, Philadelphia would be much better off avoiding the King. Here are three reasons why.

3. LeBron could stunt the progress of Tyrese Maxey

Even at the age of 39, LeBron remains an All-NBA caliber player and the Lakers’ most dangerous cog. However, he’s still one of the highest-usage players in the league, and his skill set is something that could prove to be a detriment to Tyrese Maxey’s continuous growth.

Maxey took over the lead guard position for the 76ers this season, and he handled it brilliantly. He was easily the team’s best perimeter optiion, and especially thrived as the main trigger point despite balancing his scoring output with a more demanding load as a facilitator.

LeBron’s passing is still elite and Maxey’s scoring could accelerate even more, but taking the ball out of the young guard’s hands could stunt his growth as a facilitator himself, a key ingredient of Philadelphia’s present and future.