3 Reasons why the 76ers should avoid LeBron James at all costs

LeBron James may be the best player available in free agency, but the Philadelphia 76ers should skip him over. Here are three reasons why.
76ers, LeBron James, Joel Embiid
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1. LeBron is not the kind of player the 76ers need

James could very well end his career as the greatest player of all time, but to put it simply, he’s not the kind of player the 76ers need. The front office may deem his as the guy they want, but following the ebbs and flows in the NBA, want is a pretty frightening misnomer for need.

Truthfully speaking, Philadelphia already has a nucleus with championship potential in Embiid and Maxey. What they need in that third star is a moldable skill set who won’t eat at those two’s pecking order, but still thrive in a streamlined role on both ends of the floor. And at this point in his career, that job description simply does not attach to LeBron.

There’s a reason why many have penciled Paul George in as Philly’s Plan A and utmost priority this offseason. While not as talented nor credentialed as the four-time champion, George checks all the boxes on what the 76ers are looking for in a potential third fiddle. Again, this is a case of fit over talent. LeBron, you may be the GOAT, but in this case, it’s a hard pass.

Or at least, it should be.

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