3 Sixers who will benefit the most from a potential Joel Embiid return

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Buddy Hield, Donte DiVincenzo
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1. Buddy Hield

Acquired at the trade deadline, Hield has yet to suit up alongside Joel Embiid. While we don’t have the history of the two players playing together, we do have the history that other prolific shooters have while playing alongside Embiid. In two full seasons with the Sixers from 2017 to 2019, JJ Redick averaged career-best scoring numbers.

2017-18: 17.1 points per game | 6.6 3-point attempts per game | 42% 3-point shooting 

2018-19: 18.1 points per game | 8.0 3-point attempts per game | 40% 3-point shooting 

Seth Curry is another example of a great shooter having success alongside Embiid. In 1.5 seasons in Philadelphia, Curry averaged career-highs in scoring as well.

2020-21: 12.5 points per game | 4.9 3-point attempts per game | 45% 3-point shooting

2021-22: 15.0 points per game | 5.6 3-point attempts per game | 40% 3-point shooting

Both Redick and Curry had tremendous success while being a part of a two-man game with Joel Embiid. Buddy Hield has the ability to knock down shots both off the catch and off the dribble. He stays active on the offensive end and makes an effort to get open, there is no doubt that Buddy Hield will benefit from playing alongside Joel Embiid.

While Buddy Hield got off to a tremendous start to his Sixers’ tenure, he has since cooled off a bit. Hield’s first four games saw him put up scoring totals of 24, 23, 22, and 20. His 4 recent scoring outputs have been 14, 13, 11, and 6. 

Through his first 8 games with the Sixers, Hield has shot 71 threes, making 30 of them, good for nearly 43%. Should Joel Embiid return, Hield will certainly be expected to get even better looks and knockdown shots consistently.