3 Teams that could give the 76ers a run for their money in free agency

The Philadelphia 76ers are expected to be on top of the free agency leaderboard, but these three teams may have something to say.
76ers, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
76ers, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander / Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Could a new offseason rivalry brew with Orlando?

Look, if there’s one team in the East the 76ers should fear in the open market, it’s the Magic. Orlando can free up as much as $49.5 million in usable money this offseason, and their emerging act has their prospects looking much better, especially from a marketing and self-advertising standpoint. Put simply, they have the makings to be the cool kids of free agency.

That figure should be enough, or if not, close to it, to hover around the realm of max contracts. They also have other players they can dangle to open up even more cap space to bolster a pretty lethal young core led by sophomore All-Star Paolo Banchero and rising star Franz Wagner. Oh, and their list of needs perfectly fit the crop of players expected to become available.

Orlando could reasonably target Paul George or other A-listers to accelerate their winning cause. Alternatively, they have the means to lure in a couple of high-end role players whom the 76ers could actually look into as Plan Bs of their own. Either way, the Magic have a great shot at waging a war of attrition with Philadelphia this offseason.