3 trade scenarios 76ers must prepare for this offseason

Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers
Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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The Philadelphia 76ers will be star hunting this summer. It's obvious. 

Anyone who knows Daryl Morey knows he can't help himself when it comes to chasing stars.

He traded Ben Simmons for James Harden and saw the team come within a game of the Eastern Conference Finals. Then came the drama between Morey and Harden, which mirrored the Ben Simmons saga, except it was amplified.

3 potential trade scenarios for the Sixers this summer

Harden tends to get his way when it comes to these situations, so the Sixers moved him to the LA Clippers, his desired destination. Tyrese Maxey has morphed into a young star, which has helped the Sixers remain in the top tier of the East, in spite of Joel Embiid's injury.

But when the summer rolls around, they'll need to find another co-star to pair with Embiid and Maxey. Which is why they shot their shot at LeBron James at the deadline, even though it was never going to amount to anything. 

Let's take a look at three players who could be trade targets for Philly in the offseason.