4 Best players the 76ers could realistically trade for on NBA Draft day

The 2024 NBA Draft should see a lot of teams on seller mode. Here are four players the Philadelphia 76ers could realistically trade for on that day.
76ers, Joel Embiid, Dorian Finney-Smith
76ers, Joel Embiid, Dorian Finney-Smith / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Keldon Johnson could be the odd man out for future-oriented San Antonio

Speaking of teams prepping for the future, the San Antonio Spurs arguably have the highest ceiling among all teams in the NBA thanks to Victor Wembanyama. While they could definitely try to accelerate their timeline by going the aggressive route this offseason, the safest bet would be for them to continue building organically through the draft. In fact, they own picks No. 4 and 8 this time around.

Nothing’s also stopping the Spurs from doubling down on their youth movement, even if that means parting ways with their relatively older players. One name to watch out for should San Antonio assume the role of seller is Keldon Johnson, the burly wing whose role and standing on the team’s core has become blurry.

The Spurs probably acknowledge that his value has waned, but a team like the 76ers could find a need for his services. Still a very capable scorer who specializes in scoring through traffic, Johnson has the rools to succeed next to more proven teammates in Philly who can help mitigate his defensive miscues and shooting inconsistencies.