4 Cheap free agent forwards the 76ers should have on their radar

The Philadelphia 76ers currently have no natural forwards on their roster. Here are four cheap free agent forwards they should have on their radar.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Kyle Anderson
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Kyle Anderson / Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Jeff Green

Lastly, Philadelphia will be best-served having a veteran enforcer on their roster who can still play and contribute when needed, even in high-stakes situations. Jeff Green is that guy, and his 16-year career is all you need to know about what he brings to the table.

Green surprisingly jumped ship to Houston after winning a championship with Denver last season (probably due to the money he can’t resist), but the Rockets probably prefer to decline his team option for next season if they eye a bigger fish. Green doesn’t seem likely to retire though, and his production from this season alone gives him more than sufficient backing to continue lacing it up on a nightly basis.

For a minimum signing, Green would fulfill many roles for the 76ers aside from being that strong veteran presence in the locker room. He’s still a tenable 14 to 16 minutes guy who can play stout defense, finish plays, and hit open shots. Even better, even at his advanced age, he still offers positional versatility, capable of playing both forward positions in addition to being a nominal center in smaller configurations.

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