4 Former 76ers the team could reunite with for the 2024-25 season

Reunions in the NBA have become more common than before. Here are four former 76ers who could get another go-round with the team for the 2024-25 season.
76ers, Dario Saric, Paul Reed
76ers, Dario Saric, Paul Reed / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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2. Josh Richardson

With the 76ers anticipating most, if not all of their wings, to depart in free agency, the front office will have to double down on plucking reliable wings on the market. Fortunately, there have a load of options to choose from, including a familiar face in Josh Richardson, who donned the team’s colors during the 2019-20 season.

Richardson spent this year as a part of the Miami Heat, also his second stint with the franchise. The veteran quickly rose in Erik Spoelstra’s pecking order as one of his go-to guys off the bench, capably filling in a plug-and-play role as a tertiary scorer, secondary playmaker, and a well-rounded defender whose grunt and hard-nosed effort remained in-theme with his current squad’s identity.

That he only spent one season in Philadelphia (at a relatively disappointing campaign at that) could raise some eyebrows, but the current core’s dynamic is much more different and sensible from his initial stint where the team was derailed by a wackadoo roster construction. Richardson doesn’t project as an expensive get either, making him one of the easier players to endorse for the 76ers.