4 Last-minute draft day trades the 76ers should seriously consider

The 2024 NBA Draft is just one day away, and the Philadelphia 76ers should seriously consider these four, last-minute trades.
76ers, Joel Embiid
76ers, Joel Embiid / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Kyle Kuzma becomes the 76ers’ lead forward

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Washington seemed like the most directionless franchise in the NBA not too long ago, but they have recently commenced a teardown job that should become even more rampant in the coming days. After all, their ownership of the No. 2 pick gives them the needed kickstart to bottom out and rebuild, which also means parting ways with their older players.

One of those players is Kyle Kuzma, who’s simply been miscast as the alpha in DC. The 76ers, which have a pretty gaping hole in the forward positions, could certainly try and lock in on Kuzma, a pretty versatile forward who has the length and experience to be an asset on both ends. His championship experience also cannot be overlooked.

Kuzma doesn’t project to be an inexpensive get, though. The Wizards have long maintained a multiple-first-rounders-or-not stance with the flashy forward, but a return package consisting of the 76ers’ 16th overall pick and an inferior pick in 2026 when they have an extra one anyway should be a reasonable price to pay.