5 Available free agents the 76ers must avoid like the plague

These five free agents remain available for taking, but the Philadelphia 76ers must avoid them like the plague.
76ers, Gordon Hayward
76ers, Gordon Hayward / John Jones-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Former Sixer Seth Curry’s best days are behind him

Still in dire need of backcourt help despite the Eric Gordon signing, the 76ers are starting to lose optionality on that end. They can always bring back Kyle Lowry, but so far, that has puzzlingly remained a mum discussion even at this crucial juncture.

A familiar face whom the 76ers could pursue a reunion with is Seth Curry. He spent last season with the Mavericks and the Hornets, but both of those stints were a grim reminder that his best days are unfortunately behind him already. Heck, pegging him as a second-unit staple could be an overreach given how much he’s declined from his productive days as a Sixer.

Adding Curry also doesn’t make a lot of on-court sense. He’s an undersized shooting guard whose three-point shooting, his supposed bread-and-butter, has waned in recent years. He cannot function as a table-setter, which is what the 76ers need from a backcourt cog off the bench. His defense has also been ghastly for the most part.