5 Available free agents the 76ers must avoid like the plague

These five free agents remain available for taking, but the Philadelphia 76ers must avoid them like the plague.
76ers, Gordon Hayward
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2. Danilo Gallinari is way too spent at this point in his career

Shooting is at an all-time premium in the NBA, more so for a 76ers team than ranked in the botto-third in three-point conversions last season. Adding Paul George, a talented volume shooter, helps them a lot, but solely pinning the responsibility of supplying firepower from downtown on him is not an optimal use of his skill set.

Philly would most likely prefer to bring in a veteran shooter or two to help fill out the roster, but one player they should probably gloss over is Danilo Gallinari, who is simply too spent at this point in his career. While his three-point shooting prowess has endured the test of time, he offers zero resistance at the defensive end and is a walking injury risk.

The 76ers would be much better off bringing in players who can also be a factor on the defensive end, perimeter acumen be damned. There are a lot of workarounds to their meager three-point shooting outside of George and Tyrese Maxey, and the offense proved to be just fine last season before Joel Embiid got sidelined.