5 Available free agents the 76ers must avoid like the plague

These five free agents remain available for taking, but the Philadelphia 76ers must avoid them like the plague.
76ers, Gordon Hayward
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1. Miles Bridges should be red-flagged by the 76ers (or anyone)

For reasons that probably need no further expounding, the Philadelphia 76ers should — and probably would — not dip their toes in the abstruse Miles Bridges sweepstakes. Gauging from what the rumors point to, the Hornets appear ready, if not enthused, to let him push his luck and find a new taker for his services.

Fortunately, so far, the 76ers haven’t registered any modicum of interest in the controversial 26-year-old. Bridges admittedly posted a strong campaign last season as Charlotte’s main hitter sans LaMelo Ball, who sat out a huge chunk of the year due to injury. However, that no lucrative offers have been sent his way speaks volumes to his perception around league circles.

Chasing him also doesn’t make a lot of sense for Philly for basketball reasons. With their new imposing troika of Joel Embiid, Tyrese Maxey, and Paul George now set in stone, the last thing the 76ers need is another mouth to feed. The team needs a connector and someone willing to do the dirty work, and no offense, but Bridges is the exact opposite of that.

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