5 interesting stats about the Philadelphia 76ers so far this season

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SHOOTING: The 76ers are 1st in the NBA in catch and shoot Percentage (40.5%) but are the 28th team in catch and shoot attempts (23.6)

Kelly Oubre Jr., Alex Caruso
Kelly Oubre averages 3.4 C&S attempts per game / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Last season, there was no franchise more efficient than the 76ers from beyond the arc. Even if it didn't really feel that way. But the truth is that the team has a large number of shooters in its rotation. The catch and shoot is the most efficient shot, and the Sixers are the most efficient team at this type of shooting. 

Currently, there are 3 Sixers players in the NBA top 10 in catch and shoot shooters with at least 20 games played. Marcus Morris Sr with 52.9%, Tyrese Maxey with 51.6%, and, surprisingly, Joel Embiid with 50%. But more surprising is the 72.7% Mo Bamba is shooting in these types of situations. Any franchise would want two of their centers to be that efficient, right?

But the bad news is that Philadelphia is the 28th most catch and shoot team in the NBA. Beyond De'Anthony Melton with 4.2 attempts per game, Kelly Oubre with 3.4 and Tyrese Maxey with 3.3, the shooting volume seems to be lower than desired. Perhaps the possible departure of Tobias Harris at the deadline will mean the arrival of a quicker trigger player who will be able to take advantage of the gravity that Nurse's two star players generate with their mere existence. Or maybe not, and we'll have to wait until the off-season.