5 interesting stats about the Philadelphia 76ers so far this season

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CLUTCH: Philly is currently 26th in the league in Clutch Time (4W-7L), but they are the 25th team that has played the most close games.

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid on the bench for the entire fourth quarter is becoming a regular occurrence / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

And finally we come to a mostly negative statistic. The Sixers are having trouble closing out games this season, and right now stand at 36% of wins in games that go undecided into the final minutes. A situation that really isn't new for the team. Since the Brett Brown era, Philadelphia has struggled to solve tight ends.

However, within this negative statistic, there is another positive. The Sixers have played the 25th fewest tight ends so far this season, behind only the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings, who have usually been able to get to the final quarter with the game locked up. And I say only behind those two teams because the Washington Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies are also ahead of Philadelphia, but for other reasons. Let's say the situation is similar, but in reverse…

Just a few weeks ago, the Sixers posted the largest positive point differential in league history during a four-game winning streak, winning by a total of 148 points against the Washington Wizards, Charlotte Hornets and Detroit Pistons twice. And that was just a month after beating the Los Angeles Lakers by 44 points, which was the biggest loss of LeBron James' 21-year career. A sample of the two-way potential of one of the teams of the moment.

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