5 Philadelphia 76ers who are as good as gone this summer

As the Philadelphia 76ers start to go full throttle in free agency, here are five players from last season’s roster who are as good as gone this summer.
76ers, Buddy HIeld
76ers, Buddy HIeld / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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5. Tobias Harris’ 76ers stint should officially come to a close

Lastly, we come to the most obvious entry on this list: Tobias Harris. The 31-year-old, who spent the last 5.5 years in Philly, is pretty much guaranteed to head elsewhere in free agency. Oh, and no offense, but the 76ers probably want that too — very badly.

Even the biggest Harris fans in Philadelphia would be hard-pressed to finda justification for him to return to the franchise. His pathetic final hurrah with the team is just one of the many occasions where he failed to rise to the occasion, and now, one of the remnants of the franchise’s strange stretch before the decade began will finally be outside the frame.

Luckily for the veteran forward, a couple of teams are rumored to be interested in having him on board for next season. He’s still a productive role player after all, and a team in need of size in the forward position could certainly use him. The 76ers have no forwards on the roster by the way, and that they want Harris to leave without hesitation is pretty telling of his fate with the franchise.

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