5 Players Tyrese Maxey should be recruiting during All-Star weekend

Maxey should getting in the ear of these players about joining the 76ers at All-Star weekend.

De'Anthony Melton, Trae Young, Philadelphia 76ers
De'Anthony Melton, Trae Young, Philadelphia 76ers / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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It is clear that the Philadelphia 76ers have one prominent need at the moment: a secondary ball-handler and scoring threat outside of Tyrese Maxey. This has only grown more evident in the last several weeks.

Joel Embiid is in the best player in the world conversation. Offensively, he is going to get whatever he wants with how he has mastered playing offense. But when the Sixers need another scoring threat from the perimeter, Maxey is basically all they have.

On nights where Tyrese is having an off game and especially in recent weeks where Embiid has been unable to be on the floor, Philly needs another creator to take a load off the 76ers' two stars. With Maxey heading to the All-Star game this coming weekend, there are a few players he should be in the ears of about potentially joining him in Philadelphia.

Scottie Barnes

The Toronto Raptors' one remaining star player, Scottie Barnes is an excellent target for Maxey to try to recruit to the 76ers. The young talent is just 22 years old but is already showing flashes of greatness, averaging a hair under 20 points and six assists per game.

The winner of the 2021-22 rookie of the year award and an All-Star this season, Scottie is clearly on his way to being a special player in this league. With his creation abilities, he could easily be the star that puts the 76ers over the top as a championship favorite. Not to mention the fit would make too much sense if Barnes came and played for his previous Head Coach Nick Nurse in Philly.