5 Veteran free agents the 76ers should sign to a minimum deal

With the Philadelphia 76ers still needing to fill out the roster, here are five veteran free agents they should sign to a minimum deal.
76ers, Joe Ingles
76ers, Joe Ingles / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Veteran 3-and-D wing Reggie Bullock still has something in the tank

Despite the 76ers’ flurry of moves to open free agency, the team actually doesn’t have a clear pecking order at shooting guard. Eric Gordon is not starter-caliber anymore, and Kelly Oubre Jr. makes more sense as a forward. Paul George has played the 2 numerous times before, but the team’s lack of forwards makes it an untenable option.

Building depth on the wings would be crucial, especially for a Nick Nurse-led defense heavy on switchy schemes. As a result, a low-cost option they could find attractive is veteran wing Reggie Bullock, who has just been released by the Houston Rockets following an unproductive season where he was basically glued to the bench.

Bullock, however, is only a year away from being a full-time starter for a competitive squad, and only two season away from starting for a Western Conference finalist. His offense may solely comprise of low-volume three-point shooting, but he’s an undeniably positive asset defensively as a heady veteran who can guard all perimeter positions.