7 Philadelphia 76ers who definitely won’t be back next season

The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated this season, and these seven players are likely to have played their final game for the franchise.
76ers, Tobias Harris
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After delaying the seemingly inevitable, the gavel has finally been dropped last night with the Philadelphia 76ers getting booted out of the playoffs by the second-seeded New York Knicks, declining the hosts of a chance to push the series to a final decider.

The team’s elimination puts the curtain to their 2023-24 campaign, but it also commences what should be an eventful offseason for the franchise, albeit unofficially. And with most players on the roster facing uncertainty, here are seven players whom the 76ers front office definitely won’t look into bringing back next season.

7. Cameron Payne could be a victim of circumstance for the 76ers this offseason

Cameron Payne’s near-three month stay in Philadelphia was arguably more positive than negative, as initially thought of. After all, the indestructible guard helped the 76ers stay afloat when Tyrese Maxey missed some games due to a nagging injury.

Unfortunately, call Payne a victim of circumstance, if we’re keeping with the Daryl Morey-ian tradition of dreaming big before free agency kicks in. Payne probably isn’t high on the front office’s whiteboard, as there are some players in his position, stout names at that, who are expected to be available for trades or in free agency.

Payne, however, is a guarantee to be on an NBA roster next season. He is a rugged defender at his position, a jolt of scoring and secondary playmaking in competent second units, and someone who isn;t afradi to go teeth to teeth with the opponent. Any playoff team with a need for a backup combo guard would be glad to have him in the fold.