7 Philadelphia 76ers who definitely won’t be back next season

The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated this season, and these seven players are likely to have played their final game for the franchise.
76ers, Tobias Harris
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5. The 76ers won’t bring Kelly Oubre Jr. back — because they can’t

As talked about multiple times before, Kelly Oubre Jr. is a near-lock to leave Philly this offseason for reasons beyond the franchise’s control. As they signed the swingman for way below market value, they are simply too handicapped to tender a viable offer in a bid to retain his services.

Oubre was arguably the most productive minimum signing this season, showing that he can seamlessly fit into a system where he’s not pigeonholed into assuming the heaviest scoring load on the team.

At this juncture, a slew of teams, especially those under win-now edicts, probably wouldn’t hesitate to throw Oubre’s camp a reasonable offer near his perceived value. After all, he’s one of the better second unit operators in the league who can start when needed thanks to his better court sense and more competent defense.