7 Philadelphia 76ers who definitely won’t be back next season

The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated this season, and these seven players are likely to have played their final game for the franchise.
76ers, Tobias Harris
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4. Thank you for your 76ers service, De’Anthony Melton

De’Anthony Melton was nowehere near as bad during his two-season tenure with the 76ers. He was a great stabilizer, be it in the starting lineup or in the second unit, and was a net positive overall. However, his biggest question mark this season was his availability, and that may be enough for the front office to seek more certain options to fill his shoes.

Melton missed 44 games this season in addition to six playoff outings, which was actually one of the under-the-raadar reasons bhind the team’s instability in the backcourt outside of Tyrese Maxey. But even in the games he played, his overall efficiency scoring-wise was down, as he shot just 38.6 percent from the field.

The market should remain active for someone of Melton’s caliber and stylings, but the 76ers have to go bigger in trying to give Maxey a more eclectic running mate, though among the players on this list, the six-year veteran actually has the best chance of staying in Philly.