7 Philadelphia 76ers who definitely won’t be back next season

The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated this season, and these seven players are likely to have played their final game for the franchise.
76ers, Tobias Harris
76ers, Tobias Harris / Elsa/GettyImages
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1. Tobias Harris, Tobias John Harris, Tobias Harris

Did you know that Tobias Harris is the cousin of former NBA veteran Channing Frye? Well, just like his kinsman’s patronymic, he got cooked to smithereens in what could — and should — be his final act donning the symbolic 76ers colors.

In 29 not-so-fleeting minutes for the 76ers in Game 6, Harris, who has 60 games worth of playoff experience to his name, turned in a grand sum of zero points. Yes, you read that right — the veteran laid a big, fat egg to put the proverbial ribbon to another disappointing individual season, especially when scaled to his ginormous salary which the entire city of Philadelphia should already be rejoicing over for being…done.

In a world where sports discourse has already become too toxic and posion-laden for purifying reversal, completely shunning someone for a bad showing only worsens it. But if we’re talking about perhaps the worst performance ever in recent years, well, good-guy trial card can absolutely be lifted.

Thank you for being a Sixer for five years, Tobias Harris (and for the cap space, I guess). No offense, but you will definitely not be missed.

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