5 Low-risk, high reward free agents the 76ers should gamble on

The Philadelphia 76ers need to tap the market for cheaper commodities. Here are five low-risk, high-reward free agents they should gamble on.
76ers, Tyrese Maxey, Kevin Love
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3. Davis Bertans

Perhaps the riskiest of all the low-risk entries on this list, Davis Bertans is actually unlikely to enter free agency given that he’s owed significant money next season, though he’s only assured of less than a third of his contract if he chooses to remain in Charlotte. Should he opt out, though, Bertans could find himself having some suitors this offseason.

A pure three-point shooter through and through, Bertans is admittedly a one-dimensional player and a one-trick pony. Aside from his volume three-point shooting (and its attendant off-ball movement skills), he offers little else, but teams would be hard-pressed finding a cheaper option for a pretty in-demand player archetype.

The 76ers are increasingly likely to let Buddy Hield go, making a replacement for him a near-imperative. While Bertans has a much more concentric skillset than the veteran guard, he’s just as good of a marksman, if not better. Alas, he’s not expected to command anywhere near Hield’s expected price range.