4 Buyout targets the 76ers should sign to fill last two roster spots

After signing Kyle Lowry, the Philadelphia 76ers still have two open roster spots for taking. Here are four buyout targets they should consider inking to a deal for the rest of the season.
76ers, Danny Green
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4 Buyout targets the 76ers should sign to fill last two roster spots

3. Danilo Gallinari — PF

Gallinari was waived by the Pistons almost a week ago, and while latest reports point to the veteran being wood by the Suns, nothing is set in stone yet. The 14-year veteran is expected to have numerous suitors in the market, so it’s understandable that his camp is taking its time.

Under the premise that the 76ers sign another big man for their other roster spot, going after Gallinari wouldn’t be the worst idea. While arguably one of the worst defenders in the market, he’s a lethal floor-spacer who’s a career 38.2 percent three-point shooter, and gives the coaching staff a look at 5-out lineups against units with non-imposing big men.

Robert Covington and KJ Martin are both iffy from rainbow country, and Gallinari would provide insurance on the perimeter. Fortunately, Philly has defenders they can surround him with to abate his deficiencies, making him a viable option on the buyout market.