Why Chris Paul is not a realistic option for the 76ers in free agency

The Philadelphia 76ers might have a huge obstacle ahead of them if they want to bring in veteran star Chris Paul.
Phoenix Suns v Philadelphia 76ers
Phoenix Suns v Philadelphia 76ers / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Philadelphia 76ers front office will have a clean slate this summer and enough cap space to sign multiple big names in free agency. The team is in need of some veteran presence in the guard or wing position and Chris Paul, who is about to enter the open market, has the makings to be a viable target.

Paul is a highly respected figure in the NBA and one of the most accomplished veterans still in the league. The 12-time All-Star is still a capable point guard who can hold his own despite being at the twilight of his career. This season, Paul put up 9.2 points, 6.8 assists, and 3.9 rebounds through 58 games with the Warriors, primarily on second-unit duty.

Golden State might not be able to keep him in the team going forward as they have limited cap space to sign him, and they will surely opt to refurbish their team after failing to make the playoffs. However, Philadelphia might face a huge obstacle ahead of signing the veteran guard if they go that route.

Paul has worked with President of Basketball operations Daryl Morey in Houston, but there's seems to be a rift between the two men hailing from their past. As the soon-to-be free-agent revealed in an appearance on The Why with Dwyane Wade a few months ago, Morey's lack of people skills was a huge issue for him.

Paul describes previous grudge with 76ers president Daryl Morey

The experienced guard discussed the circumstances during his tenure with the Houston Rockets, and was assured that he would not get traded by Morey. However, the NBA executive sent him to OKC later, as Paul revealed. That did not sit well with the veteran superstar considering that he helped the Rockets to get one win away from the NBA Finals.

"He was like, I would never trade you to somewhere you ain’t want to go because you chose to come to us from the Clippers. I chose to go to Houston from LA. That’s what he had said to me."

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However, Paul was indeed traded to OKC and then moved on with his career playing for the Phoenix Suns and the Golden State Warriors. In any case, CP3 can now choose the place he wants to be next season and Philadelphia might not be among them. In any case, the 76ers need to look elsewhere for someone to facilitate alongside Tyrese Maxey and back the young All-Star up.

As for Chris Paul, his future might not be in sync with the 76ers franchise as long as Daryl Morey remains at the team's helm. Nevertheless, the free agency pool should still present the team with a handful of options for their backcourt.

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