76ers come out firing to kick off Summer League: Player recap, analysis

2024 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League - Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers
2024 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League - Oklahoma City Thunder v Philadelphia 76ers / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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It feels like summer. It’s hot outside and the opening summer league invitationals started this weekend in California as the likes of Dalton Knecht, Bronny James, Stephon Castle, and Kel’el Ware amongst others made their debuts. 

The Philadelphia 76ers found themselves in Utah getting some extra games in before all 30 NBA teams arrive in Las Vegas on July 12th. The summer league serves as an opportunity for NBA fans to gain their initial impressions of incoming rookies. It also allows second year players to obtain valuable reps within an increased or novel role.

Throw in some NBA journeymen and international veterans vying for NBA contracts, and you have yourself a competitive but at times sloppy game. This series of articles will spotlight first and second year players following each game.

The players will be listed in descending order from minutes played. We’ll provide stats, highlights, and areas of improvement. Let’s get started!

Ricky Council IV showed out for the 76ers right off the bat

Stats: 28 minutes, 29 points, 8 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block, 2 turnovers

Council IV was clearly the star of the game. His ascension to that title erupted in the fourth quarter where he reeled off five straight threes. Throw in a thunderous dunk and Council IV put together quite the highlight package.

Prior to his fourth quarter takeoff, Council IV was flashing his athleticism. He routinely knifed through traffic and used his combination of strength and hangtime to finish in the paint. He showcased his driving and slashing ability seeking contact in the paint converting six of his seven free throw attempts. 

His long arms and athleticism allowed him to pester ball handlers, but he found himself late on defensive rotations and slow while recovering during transition opportunities. Although Council IV is a dangerous attacker, he was indecisive during the first half leading to turnovers and poor shot attempts. 

Council IV impacted the game with energy and aggressiveness. His scoring efficiency was streaky. The difference between the first three quarters and the final frame was whether he was in rhythm and under control. 

He demonstrates the size and athleticism to contribute as an energy wing next season. Playing under control throughout the rest of the summer will be a positive prognosticator for things to come.