76ers final month stock watch: 2 surprising risers, 2 fallers

As the Philadelphia 76ers head into the final stretch of the season, here are two players on the rise and a couple on a decline.
76ers, Paul Reed
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Faller 1: Tobias Harris continues to be an inconsistent scoring option

Embiid’s continued absence and Tyrese Maxey missing games here and there due to nagging injuries bumped up Tobias Harris in the pecking order. However, much to the chagrin of the fanbase, the veteran forward has been up-and-down on almost a nightly basis, and his inconsistent showings have been among the biggest reasons behind the team’s middling play as of late.

Harris had a horrible February where he averaged a measly 14.8 points per outing on a poignant 42.6 percent shooting from the field, including a brutal 25 percent conversion rate from downtown. His numbers have improved this month, but he’s still prone to no-shows on the offensive end, like his poor shooting performances against the Grizzlies and the Knicks.

The 76ers rely on Harris to shoulder the scoring load, but if he’s not doing that with great success, his value simply plummets. His defense has been a point of criticism this season due to his lack of resistance on the perimeter, and he doesn’t function much or even well as a playmaker on the secondary either. Moving forward, his offense should be able to compensate for his shortcomings on those areas.